As an authorized agent, we are entitled to operate in the Electronic Archive of Mobile Warranties (AEGRM) through our experts we offer professionalism and with respect for privacy, services of:

  • registration, modification, cancellation in the Electronic Archive of Mobile Warranties of mobile mortgage and fiduciary notices. The advantages of subscription – publishing in the Electronic Archive (AEGRM):
  • the contract entered in the Electronic Archive of Mobile Warranties becomes a real mobile warranty;
  • reinforce the priority advantage over other ulterior creditors this includes state and local budgets;
  • the potential creditors are warned against existing warranty contracts;
  • the creditor may enforce the guarantee on their own;
  • checking in the Electronic Archive of Mobile Warranties of any type of information regarding existing mobile mortgages and / or fiduciary contracts;
  • obtaining of certified Electronic Archive of Mobile Warranties extracts;
  • legal advice for all types of registration set forth in the Regulation of organization and functioning of the Electronic Archive.

The access to the Electronic Archive of Mobile Warranties for data consulting – information regarding a certain creditor, debtor or good, which can be found in the mobile warranty or trusteeship notice, is free to any physical or juridical person.

We offer you services regarding the registration of the mobile warranty and/or of the trusteeship contracts, along with our whole experience in the legal area, which, through the provided services, ensures you the essential requirements for the valid protection of your patrimony and security.

Regarding the registration procedure, it contains three simple steps:

  • The creditor or his legal representative fills in a standard form with the corresponding data contained by the real mobile warranty contract.
  • The applicant sends the operator, at first under any form, the contract signed by both parties, their identity cards as well as the proxy in some of the cases.
  • The operator proceeds to the registration in the AEGRM of the data contained in the received form filled in by the solicitant, without the exercising of any legality control with respect to them.

With a maximum of promptitude  and ethics, besides the juridical consultancy adapted to each case, the  Nartea & Partners Team, guarantees services of high quality, which protect through  their  sense of professionalism and ensure not only the publicity imperatives require by the law, but also the vital information and confidentiality interests that are specific to the business environment.

For a simple checking of the Electronic Archive (AEGRM) do not hesitate to contact us.

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