NARTEA & PARTNERS Lawyers offer professional service for establishing a Ltd. and can successfully and promptly assist during registration and company foundation.

Because the foundation of a company requires much time and many invested resources, the lawyers NARTEA & PARTNERS, having a solid and extensive experience will help you go through the necessary steps of the registration:

  • Establishing a single main activity object and several secondary objects
  • Choosing the legal juridical form:
    • Limited liability company with a minimal necessary capital of 200 lei, is divided to each partner in proportion to his participation.
  • Establishing the headquarters. To determine the seat, a gratuitous loan or lease agreement is needed. If the headquarters are established in a building owned by the owner than a copy of the property deed is required
  • Completion of the articles of association. An article of association will include:
    • the main activity object
    • the  secondary objects of activity
    • the name of the company
    • the name of the associates and the proportion of the capital held by each of them
    • the name of the administrator / administrators
    • statements on own responsibility from the associates and the administrator in which the legal conditions are certified
  • Submission of the social capital according to a special bank form
  • The signature specimen – the appointed administrator in the company will give a signature specimen before a lawyer or a public notary. The administrator will sign before the lawyer or the public notary, his signature being “the signature specimen”
  • Submission of the file to the Trade Registry
  • Issuance and obtaining of the ascertainment certificate, the resolution of the Trade Registry director and the certificate of registration of the company
  • Procedure by the Financial Administration
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