Nartea & Partners Law Firm can protect your interests and help you exercise your rights in both the prosecution stage, and at the judicial investigation. The offered assistance also concerns the criminal cases under appeal or review or in extraordinary ways of appeal. We guarantee to customer attention, quality and a dynamic and professional team that will handle your cases with maximum efficiency and diligence.

We have the capacity and resources to deal with criminal matters directly, especially complex cases such as organized crime, economics, computer crime, etc..

The offered services aim at:

  • Assistance – representation in criminal cases against law enforcement agencies – police, prosecutors and courts hearings, re-enactments, confrontations, expertise;
  • Traffic violations (accidents with injuries or murder, theft, damage, driving with expired license plates, driving without a license or under the influence of alcohol, etc.);
  • Offences against authority as outrage, usurpation of official capacity, breaking of seals or offenses which affect certain activities of public interest or other regulatory activities;
  • Cases relating to narcotics (possession, consumption, traffic, transport) but also crimes against person and property;
  • Offences of forgery, for example material forgery, intellectual forgery, perjury, use of forgery, economic crime, corruption, computer crime;
  • Criminal complaints but also reviews of final court decisions, appeals for annulment or execution, delays or interruptions of execution of punishment, merging penalties, law or judicial rehabilitation, expunging of criminal record, etc.

Prosecution and police investigate criminally a multitude of causes. The mere fact that you are accused or defendant in such a case is not equivalent to being found guilty and sentenced by a court of law. Once you have employed our services, we immediately begin to work to prevent the formulation of criminal charges or, in cases in which law enforcement officials have already filed charges, we work to get rejection or reduction thereof.

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