Transport Law

Nartea & Partners lawyers provide a broad range of legal services related to transportation law and customs law, which includes counseling services, representation and assistance in front of competent bodies of legal entities involved in the transportation industry of any kind.

Consulting and legal representation services provided by lawyers in the transport law field include:

  • establishment of companies with main activity ‘Transport’;
  • consolidation and / or merger of the transport companies and drivers management by several transport companies;
  • assistance on the design, drafting, negotiation, execution and termination of different types of transport contracts (shipping, transportation, insurance of goods and persons contracts etc.);
  • advice on obtaining licenses / transport certificates as well as the certificate of professional competence, registration in the Registry of Intra-community Operators and various places;
  • assistance and representation of transport operators before the courts in disputes arising from faulty execution / non-execution of a contract of carriage;
  • legal advice on the purchase, sale or leasing of vehicles, regardless of their kind;
  • legal assistance if you desire the contestation of contravention minutes that establish penalties for violating the Highway Code, oversize, ADR, CMR convention etc.
  • appeals against the minutes of the National Customs Authority regarding the blocking of the goods by customs and the recovery of created damages;
  • legal assistance and representation before competent state bodies in road / rail / sea accidents;

The terms in this field are very relevant, a delay can have unintended consequences for the activity, profitability and the exercise of your rights. Therefore do not hesitate to contact us!

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