The branch may be a way to expand the founding company, however, has no legal personality and is totally dependent on the founding company, so the branch should be treated as a mere division of the society. With the NARTEA & PARTNERS lawyers’ team, which is distinguished by reliability, promptness and professionalism, you will receive the necessary services to successfully setting up and registrating a branch.

The documents that you should provide the NARTEA & PARTNERS LAWYERS’ team to register a branch of a company based in Romania are:

  1.  identity card / passport of the associates – copy;
  2.  evidence of headquarters (lease / sublease / free loan agreement etc.) – copy;
  3. the owners’ association agreement;
  4.  The neighbors agreement (where applicable)
  5. signature specimen.

For details and information, contact NARTEA & PARTNERS LAWYERS or complete the online form.


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