The fees requested by NARTEA & PARTNERS law firm are established depending on the difficulty, amplitude or length of your case. A special case is represented by the company subscriptions.

Company subscriptions. Any firm needs competent, legal help, organized usually by the juridical department in charge. Our law firm guarantees a powerful legal structure that defends the interests of your company, raised from commercial, labour, fiscal, administrative or contractual litigations.

Negotiations usually enhance the chances of a problem to be solved without having to appeal to justice, most of the times, the parties, with the lawyer’s help, reaching an agreement that is favorable for all involved.

The subscription is preferable because it ensures a continuity of the bound with the lawyer and a considerable reduction of the negotiated fees usually paid for the assistance/representation in front of the law court or other competent authorities.

Other types of fees can be:

  • Per hour – they are established per working hour, meaning a settled amount of money for each hour that you benefit from our professional legal services.
  • Settled fees – a certain amount of money that is paid for a certain service or for different categories of such services that we deliver, these kind of fees have to be paid, without any connection with the result of the assistance.
  • Success fees – along to the settled fee, we can establish a certain amount of money in case of a positive result, depending on the outcome or the provided service; the success fee is a settled or variable amount of money, established for the reaching of a certain result; as criminal cases are concerned, the success fee can only be practiced regarding the civil part of the criminal cause.

Establishment of the fees depends on the following factors:

  • The amount of time and work necessary for the  execution of the  mandate
  • The nature and complexity of the case
  • The importance of the interests regarding the matter
  • The cooperation with experts and other specialists imposed by the nature, object, complexity and difficulty of the case;
  • Time constraints, in which our staff is obligated by the nature of the cause to act, in order to assure the legal and proper services.
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