Regarding the legal offered services for establishment of the social office, as follows:

  • you do not dispose of or you do not have the possibility to provide the social office necessary for the legal establishment of the society;
  • you have problems in moving / establishing the social office.
  • you cannot obtain acceptance from the neighbors, the owners association, etc.
  • you do not own an immobile for the social office for the society.

With minimal costs, Nartea & Partners lawyers offer you the possibility to settle the social office of your society at the address of our firm based on a contract of juridical assistance, for the equivalent of an advantageous honorary for the period of one year with the possibility of prolongation. In addition to this service, we also can offer you, at your request and free of charge, assistance in the matter of drafting the required documentation, including the updated constitutive act, following the establishment or change of the social office, or after the decision of the general associates meeting as well as the filing of the documents at the Office of Commerce.

Nartea - 2020