Family Law

The consultancy and legal representation offered by us in family law include:

  • Assistance and representation in divorce proceedings;
  • Assistance and representation in partition actions;
  • Assistance and representation in actions involving custody for raising and education of minors;
  • Assistance and representation in actions aimed at the establishment or denial of paternity of a child resulted inside or outside the marriage;
  • Assistance and representation in actions for setting and modifying child support and aliment obligations, establishing or amending the visiting program;
  • Assistance and representation in other actions of relationships governed by family law;
  • conflict mediation, conciliation;
  • processes related to adoption;
  • modification, addition or cancellation of civil status documents;
  • current legal advice.

The offered services also include drafting of necessary legal documents: petitions (for divorce, for example), defense, explanatory requests, transactions for partition, agreements, written conclusions other documents.

Also, we take into account the necessary procedures for obtaining the necessary documents: marriage certificates, birth certificates, death certificates, other documents pertaining to the person of the beneficiary for an easy solution.

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