Labor Law

We take into consideration both the problems faced by the employer and the employee, advising, assisting and representing the beneficiary of our services in the drafting stage, negotiation and representation for negotiating the contractual relations, and with excellence, in the resolution of the parties’ conflict phase.

We consider all the clauses of the labor contracts, addenda, interior regulations, collective agreements, statutes or specific provisions of the legislation of the field of activity.

We also offer our support for:

  • Writing (developing) collective agreements, employment contracts with addenda, decisions, information, documentation in case of reorganizing the activity, disciplinary or dismissal procedure, or in other cases of termination or suspension of activity, labor law and standards of work protection compliance, severance payments, relationships with unions
  • Management or administrative contract
  • Representation and / or assistance in front of state institutions, of both control (Territorial Labour Inspectorate, the National Agency for Fiscal Administration Directorates etc.) and criminal investigation in case of culpable non-fulfillment of obligations under the legislation in the field of labor law, including in case of job accidents.
  • Representation and / or assistance in front of mediators or in different stages of labor disputes providing advice on the most appropriate manner of settling a labor dispute individually or collectively.

We also provide legal services regarding the reorganization of a company, being qualified including for drafting the ROI and ROF in such situations.

Whether you are a natural or juridical person we inform you that, to the extent that stipulations of signed contracts do not conflict with the legislation in force, they compel to their execution in the form they were signed in.

For this reason we suggest you contact us including at the signing of an individual employment contract or at the establishment or modification of its terms to prevent the subsequent appearance of a conflict or the materialization of a labor dispute.

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