The enforcement procedure is mandated to contribute to creditors’ rights recognized by an enforceable document submitted for execution in the manner established by the law.

Enforcement, in law, is governed by the principle of availability and, consequently, the tracking may begin, usually only at the request of the creditor.

For creditors: our assistance consists of legal advice and of the representation of the creditors interests in order to accomplish their rights in all phases required by the law.

In other words, we represent the creditor including in front of the enforcement bodies in order to assert the rights established by specific documentation and we insist by means of procedures for tracking the debtors.

For borrowers: the assistance also encompasses  the targeting of executive orders, procedures and measures established unlawful or ungrounded against them to protect the business, the property or other assets but also to identify the best way to extinguish their obligations at all stages of execution.

We also offer assistance in terms procedures of merging in the same file of separate executions to the extent that they are directed to the same people and goods.

We also offer assistance in the recovery of enforcement expenses made by creditors.

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